Angola: Minister highlights public press role

Ilha do Sal, Cabo Verde – Angola’s minister of Media JoAPound o Melo said Friday in Cabo Verde that the state-run press should continue to play its role in the coming decades.

Also journalist and writer, JoAPound o Melo stressed the press’s role at a Meeting of Media Houses from Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP).

The event was sponsored by directorate general of information and Radio-Television of Cabe Verde.

The participants at the meeting also attended a conference on public media on the “Importance and Limits of Self-Regulation in Public Media: Balancing Rights and Responsibilities in the Post-morality context”.

JoAPound o Melo justified his prediction due to fact that local business sector is still poor,” despite the sector’s legislation, approved in 2017, aimed to end all monopolies in the area of ??Media

The local business community is still poor, said JoAPound o Melo, who ruled out an exponential increase soon of private press, except one or another cases.

Taking stock of the media activity, the official stressed the contribution of the sector in less than a year.

In addition to the commitment of President JoAPound o Lourenco to fight against corruption, the media contributed to rapid and unequivocal change of the country’s image, both at home and abroad, he said.

The minister said that another objective, above all, is to make the public media the most serious and credible of the market.

Still, JoAPound o Melo clarified that the State-run organs need, in democracy, to increasingly adapt their editorial line to the historical correlation set by voters.

Source: Angola Press News Agency