Angola: MPLA ensures peace, democracy – outgoing leader

Luanda – Angola’s governing MPLA party has achieved and consolidated national independence, maintained territorial integrity and ensured the achievement of peace, national reconciliation and democracy, said Saturday the party’s outgoing leader, Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

The politician said so at the opening ceremony of the 6th Extraordinary Congress of MPLA, mainly aimed at electing JoAPound o Lourenco for the post of the party leadership.

According to Jose Eduardo dos Santos, MPLA has waged, among other fronts, the struggle for social justice and in modernisation of the country.

The politician, who came to the top of MPLA after the death of the first president, Agostinho Neto in 1979, stressed the party’s commitment to improving the society and securing the citizens rights.

“All together, young people, women, men, militants and people in general, we are fighting for the building of this great movement, this large monument called MPLA party,” he said.

In spite of everything, he said that this building will never be completed because life demands continued improvement to meet the requirements of each moment of the country’s economic, social and cultural development.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos spoke of the huge changes the organisation has undergone since 1979, when he assumed the party presidency.

The new MPLA leader should keep the party on the right path. This means preserving principles and values, maintaining unity and cohesion, stimulating militants, improving the organisation, mobilising the people and the electorate in order to ensure new party’s victories, said Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

According to the outgoing leader, the great challenge that lies ahead is to move the party forward.

At the moment of leaving, Jose Eduardo dos Santos appealed to the militants to continue to follow the paths recommended by the renowned figures of the recent history, who founded and built the MPLA.

At least 2, 448 of the 2,591 delegates attended the 6th Extraordinary Congress of MPLA held at Belas Conference centre in Luanda.

Source: Angola Press News Agency