Angola and Namibia have signed four documents on co-operation in fisheries here between the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries and the Fisheries and Marine Resources Ministry of Namibia under a memorandum of understanding signed by the two countries in 2014.

The documents signed Friday are agreements on economic co-operation, fisheries research, fisheries surveillance, fisheries management and aquaculture. In addition to the four documents, action plans for the implementation of co-operation in their respective fields were also approved.

Angola’s Mminister of Fisheries, Victoria de Barros Neto, said the agreements would enable the heads of the respective sectors to follow up on the actions and control them.

The co-operation also covered the area of staff training and fisheries management, she said, adding that Angola and souther neighbour Namibia shared the same ecosystem in the Benguela Current and shared resources to be investigated and managed by both countries.

According to the minister, mutual benefits also existed in the implementation of large projects of aquaculture that the two countries are implementing, as well as in applying technologies that may be appropriate, both inside and outside the country.

Therefore, she said, the two countries have to share business, get technically and financially able partnerships, not only between the two countries, but also to attract partners from other countries, and to develop businesses that benefit both countries.

The Namibian Minister, Bernhard Esau, said that each agreement had its action plan and it was time to start executing them.

Source: Nam News Network