The Naval Command of the Angolan Navy in the northern Cabinda Province Military Region will continue to strengthen its efforts towards a stronger fight against smuggling of fuel, violation of maritime and fluvial borders and illegal immigration in national waters.

Chief of the Naval Command of Cabinda, captain, Marcelo de Carvalho, stating this, assured that the institution has obeyed all superior guidelines to ensure the safety and protection of all sea and river borders.

He stressed that although there is a complexity of fluvial and maritime borders, there is a high degree of morale of the personnel.

Speaking about illegal immigration, fuel smuggling and illegal fishing on the coast of Military Region of Cabinda, he said that there is technical capacity and permanent readiness of forces to halt this evil, especially in Chiloango River (waterway) that borders with The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He indicated that July 10 is a date that reflects what the Angolan Navy has been exercising in fulfilling mission over 40 years, especially in modernising its operational technique, staff training, improvement of the units as well as the accommodation plan.

Source: Nam News Network