Angola: Oceans With More Than 90 Percent of Biological Resources of Planet

Luanda – Angola’s minister of Fisheries Victoria de Barros Neto said Thursday in Luanda that the oceans are the cradle of life on earth as they contain more than 90 percent of the biological resources of the planet.

The minister was speaking at the “Workshop on presentation of the project on Planning and Governance of Benguela Current large marine ecosystem”, stressing that the importance of these resources is increasingly crucial to development of the Angolan economy.

According to the official, Benguela Current marine space has been important in term of economy for three African countries (Angola, Namibia and

South Africa).

The minister mentioned among others the fishing industry, transport, oil and gas exploration and other minerals the sea offers.

With the contribution of international experts in various fields related to good governance and management, the project will allow each member country to develop its marine space according to development plan, the minister added.

SOURCE: Angola Press