Angola Online provides free internet in Bengo

Caxito At least 9,210 users benefited from the free internet services this year in northern Bengo province, as part of Angola Online project launched by the National Institute for Information Society Development (INFOSI).

The data were released by province’s INFOSI director, Carlos Alberto, adding that the figure surpasses that of previous year which stood at 4,800.

Alberto explained that the 9,210 internet users in Bengo include 5,444 students and workers as well as 3,766 members of the common society.

The activity consists of scientific researches related to school subjects and other information (40 per cent), correspondence among the State bodies (10 per cent), as well as social media and music (50 per cent).

Launched in 2018 in Bengo, the project has seven free internet points in Caxito city, municipality of Dande.

INFOSI is a public institute under the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology with the social objective for promotion and development of the information society in Angola.

Source: Angola Press News Agency