Angola opens new era in construction of roads

Mussende – Angolan minister of Public Works and Urbanism Manuel Tavares de Almeida said Friday in Mussende, coastal Cuanza Sul province, that the country opened new era in terms of building roads based on Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) standards.

Manuel Tavares de Almeida was speaking at the opening ceremony of Cariango/Mussende road.

He said the work represents only one stage that will pave way for the construction of more than 90 kilometers, connecting Mussende/Cangandala (Cuanza Norte).

“This is the strategic action aimed at connecting South-Center with East, with construction of more than 150 kilometer linking Mussende (Cuanza Sul) to Andulo (Bié). This project has been approved and awaits to kickoff in 2021”, stated the official.

In turn, the minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes Júnior, praised the project, saying that the roads are crucial for development of the country, as part of the government strategy to increase national production and reduce the imports.

“We should not continue depending on oil cyclical crisis that hit our economy. We need to tackle the issue by creating jobs, more revenues for families and reduce poverty”, stressed the official.

The rehabilitation works of 33 kilometers of the National Road 240 started in June 2019.

The ceremony was witnessed by the provincial governor of Cuanza Sul, Job Capapinha.

Source: Angola Press News Agency