Angola: Over 50,000 TB cases diagnosed during first quarter

Luanda – At least 50,046 tuberculosis (TB) cases have been reported during the first quarter this year across the country of 25 million inhabitants.

Of this figure, 21,871 positive pulmonary tuberculosis, 20,050 negative, extra pulmonary standing at 2,742, and 4,929 treated cases, which totaled 50,046 cases.

Last year there were 57,877 patients, of whom 51,805 related to the new cases and 6,072 drug-resistant TB cases, indicating a circumstantial increase in the current year.

Over the last three years, the tuberculosis ranked third among the causes of death in the country after malaria and road accidents.

According to the coordinator of the national tuberculosis control programme of the Health Ministry, Ambrosio Dissadidi, the country still has a low success rate in treatment, estimated at 85 per and treatment dropout by five percent.

Speaking during the round table on “The magnitude of Tuberculosis in Angola”, the official mentioned about 13 percent of the cases reported in the country as being children under the age of 15, with more than 7 provinces reporting between 20% and 30 percent.

To give scientific and strategic contribution to TB control in the country and particularly in the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), the Military Technical Higher Institute (ISTM) arranged a roundtable on Friday on the magnitude of tuberculosis in Angola.

Several topics were discussed, with stress to the signs and symptoms of disease, the importance of vaccination against TB, laboratory diagnosis of the disease.

Source: Angola Press News Agency