Angola: Parliament Approves Draft Law On Residents Committee

Luanda – The National Assembly approved on Wednesday, in generality, under strong opposition contestation, the bill on the Organization and Functioning of Residents Committees, with 136 votes in favor, 34 against and no abstentions.

The bill presented by the minister of Territory Administration, Bornito de Sousa, is to define the legal status of Resident Committees and institute the culture of associations.

With this instrument, which has aroused strong debate amongst MPLA parliamentarians, UNITA, PRS and CASA-CE, is intended to promote the principle of participation of citizens in the life of their territorial or administrative circuit.

The draft law, which must now follow to the specialized commissions, was the most controversial among the seven diplomas analyzed in the 5th Ordinary Plenary Meeting of the Parliament as it includes, with a view of the opposition, a “no democratic model”.

The legislative initiative was designed to define, in the country, principles and rules on the organization and operation of Residents Committees.

Presenting the basic text, the Minister of Territorial Administration said that it has already been discussed at various levels of society and, in essence, has no “ghosts”.

Bornito de Sousa explained that under the completion of the local government, the Constitution foresees the creation of other specific forms of citizens’ participation, and the creation of Residents Committees one.

He explained that the modality of citizens’ participation is directed to the lower levels of territorial organization, where there is now a gap.

The Wednesday’ meeting was chaired by the speaker of the National Assembly, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos.

Source: All Africa