Angola’s National Assembly recommended on Friday an effective mechanism study for transfer of income to families, reviewing minimum wage issue, family allowances and social assistance in order to speed up the rescue process of moral values.

The recommendation is contained in supporting report to monthly debate on “the Role of Family in Rescue of Ethical, Civic, Cultural and Moral Values”, discussed Friday at Parliament.

According to the document, prepared by a Commission tasked with health, family, childhood, youth and sports, ex-combatants and social action and Constitutional and Legal Affairs Commission, admits the possibility of tough punishment against violent conduct.

The MPs recommend that the punishment should include cases of sexual violence produced by members of the same family: parents, uncles, brothers, cousins or other relatives.

To counter the problem of loss of moral values, the parliamentarians considered necessary to support, enhance and multiply the experiences the national entities of civil society and religious conduct with and for families.

On the other hand, the MPs recommend the continuation of women’s empowerment process, but avoiding the decline of the father’s role.

Recommendation also went to revival of Community Child Centres and Community Education Centres (CIC-CECs) of Social Welfare Ministry (MINARS).

The retrieval of values, according to the members, also entails the increased efforts to implement anti-poverty plan (Government Plan 2015) and scholarships, especially for families with greater fragility rate.

For a more effective retrieval of moral values, the participants also recommended the integration of social workers in all state administration levels to ensure the implementation of policies and work with families

Source: Nam News Network