Angola participates in military exercise in Gulf of Guinea

Luanda – A multinational military exercise called “Grand African Nemo 2018” is scheduled for November 3 to 10, in an action that takes place within the framework of the operational partnership in the Gulf of Guinea, to which Angola takes part.

Based on this partnership, the French naval ship, Mistral, is moored since Wednesday, in the Port of Luanda.

During the stay of the Mistral in Luanda, the ship’s commander, Vincent Sebastien, gave a press conference on board, noting that the exercise will involve the participation of 19 riparian countries

(including Angola and Cape Verde), 20 ships and four aircraft.

According to Vincent Sebastien, two French ships, including Mistral, are expected to take part in the exercise.

The commander said that the exercise will consist of supporting the initiatives of the Interregional Coordination Center, as well as providing a material structure to the Yaounde process, which

represents the legal basis and cooperation between the states of the region (Gulf of Guinea).

Another objective of the operation is to accompany the rise of the participating African nations in strengthening the coordination of the fight against maritime insecurity.

Vincent Sebastien considered the cooperation with Angola in this exercise to be fundamental, since it is a country that has a multinational center for maritime coordination.

At the press conference, the French ambassador to Angola, Sylvain Itte, explained that the presence of Mistral in Angola is part of the region’s maritime policy and is part of the Yaounde process.

The Mistral is 200 meters long, has on board a hospital with capacity for more than 70 beds and two surgical centers.

The French navy ship leaves Luanda on November 3, when the “Grand

Source: Angola Press News Agency