The researchers of the pharmaceutical area should work closely with practitioners of traditional medicine, in order to produce scientific evidence on the safety, efficiency and quality of products of natural medicine.

The call was made by the State Secretary for Health, Eleuterio Hivilikwa during the opening session of the National meeting of traditional and natural medicine which will be held from 18-20 July, organized the Professional Chamber of Therapists of Traditional and Alternative Medicine in Angola.

However, the State Secretary pointed out that although the benefits of traditional medicine are obvious, there are still enormous challenges, advocating the urgent need for research and development to strengthen its role in providing health care.

According to him, the country has a rich biodiversity that is well-structured and can find medicines for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases.

To him, traditional medicine, internationally known as alternative, energetic and naturalist, form part of the universal culture collection, is the concept and practice inherited from generation to generation and maintains its popularity with option available, affordable and widely used in large areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The current WHO statistics indicate that 80 percent of people in developing countries, use traditional medicine is the primary source of health.

Source: Name News Network