Angola: Police Play Key Role in Human Rights

Luanda – The Angolan National Police play a key role in respect for human rights as an instrument for law enforcement, said on Wednesday, the Secretary of State for Human Rights, Antonio Bento Bembe.

The official made this consideration when addressing in a lecture themed “Education for a culture of human rights for employees with responsibility to enforce the law” addressed to the staff of the National Police, Migration and Foreigners Service, Prison Service and Civil Protection and Fire Services.

According to him, the employees, whose responsibility is to enforce the law, should consider that the basis of their ethical and lawful conduct is of course the respect for the law.

“The validity of laws and public standards require the existence of a political power that is respected in the event of default. The laws are as State or government resources to maintain order and facilitate the success of the goals shared by the society”, he said.

To Antonio Bento Bembe, one thing is that there are laws that require compliance and they even meet them with the support of political power, and the other, very different, is that these laws are fair and legitimate.

He stressed that respect for human dignity is embodied in every action, considering the cause of human rights a priority.

Source: All Africa