Angola regularizes payment of debt with Portuguese State

Lisbon – Angolan government has regularized the payment of 100 million Euro out of the 200 million it owes to the Portuguese State-announced on Wednesday in Lisbon, the Foreign Affairs minister, Manuel Augusto.

The diplomat, who was speaking in a press conference, on the visit of the Angolan president, JoAPound o Lourenco, to Portugal, said two weeks ago the government reported to the Portuguese authorities it had already certified the debt owed to this European country amounted at 200 million Euro.

In September this year during the visit of the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, to Angola the Finance minister, Archer Mangueira, said the country’s debt lacked certification, since some of the debts were incurred out of the regular procedures.

However, explained the Angolan diplomat, after the commitment in Luanda, both governments have been working on the issue underlining that Angola maintain willingness to honour the agreement.

Manuel Augusto underscored that the Angolan government owes some Portuguese firms, however during the certification process it was noticed that most of these companies haven’t been paying taxes to the country’s authorities.

More than looking at the debt issue, the Angolan government will seize the opportunity of the visit of its Head of State to draw up new rules or adapt them to what the future requires, the minister added.

As regard to Portugal’s gesture to increase the limit of the credit from 1 to 1.5 billion, the minister said it is of Angola’s competence to introduce projects that includes the participation of the Portuguese.

The diplomat also spoke of the repatriation of capitals, underling that Angola is making what is normal in the world and needs help of all countries and institutions to succeed in this process.

Source: Angola Press News Agency