Angola reports over 35,000 refugees

Luanda – Angola has recorded 35,664 refugees, of whom 22,428 based in eastern Lunda Norte province who are in need of urgent international assistance.

The data were released Tuesday by the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Tete Antonio, quoted by a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying.

According to the source, Tete Antonio was addressing a 69th Session of the Executive Committee of Programme of UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to Tete Antonio, the country provides assistance to some 82,833 foreign citizens seeking asylum and protection.

He said the Angolan government continues to safeguard the settlement and protection of refugees despite the current financial situation in the country.

Angola, he added, grants them (refugees) the right to land for agriculture, the creation of health posts, food provision and assistance as well as access to education and teaching.

The official took the opportunity to sensitise the international community to mobilise the resources for assistance and support for those refugees who depend on the support of donor countries and people of good will.

According to Tete, the implementation of the Global Compact for Refugees reinforces the protection of millions of people.

He added that the move facilitates the assistance to low-income and middle-income countries at risk of conflict.

Tete Antonio has been since Monday in Geneva at the head of multi-sector delegation from the Ministries of Interior, Family and Women Promotion, as well as diplomats from the Permanent Mission of Angola to European country.

The 69th session of the Executive Committee of programme of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Programme is running from 1 to 5 October.

Source: Angola Press News Agency