Angola reviews Orthographic Agreement membership

Luanda – Angola’s ratification of the Orthographic Agreement depends on the adequacy of the specificity of the languages of each country, especially the spelling, the State Secretary for Culture, Aguinaldo CristovAPound o, has said.

Aguinaldo CristovAPound o said that the country has been working on drafting of national orthographic vocabulary and public administration terminology for ratification of the 1990 Orthographic Agreement, as well as the creation of dictionaries and grammars.

He mentioned Portugal, Brazil, Cabo Verde and Sao Tome and Principe, as the only countries that ratified the agreement, in force since 1990.

The official noted that Angola did not ratify the agreement due to the existence of some aspects the country need to address.

Aguinaldo CristovAPound o, who was speaking to Angop on ratification process of the spelling agreement, said that the countries like Angola have specific needs in terms of both phonetic and spelling protection.

He also referred to the factor spelling, with some of them derived from national languages, in addition to other technical aspects, as one of Angola’s demands.

He added that the country is working with experts on how to fit Angola’s specific needs with respect to specific expressions of African countries, such as letters that are part of the spelling of national languages.

Discussion are in progress with various sectors of the society, in view of the changing feature of the language and its relationship to social and cultural dynamics, he stressed.

Source: Angola Press News Agency