Angola runs international mining tender

The diamonds exploration areas are located in the eastern provinces of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul, while the iron spots are in the northern Cuanza-Norte province and phosphate in northern Cabinda and Zaire provinces.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum has said, in the case of the diamond mining concessions, the aim is to increase the output of Camafuca-Camazambo (1.389 km square) and Tchitengo (1.022km square) mines located in the eastern region of Angola.

The acquisition of rights to exploit the 7.750 square kilometres occupied by the iron mining is expected to bolster Angola’s Programme for the Support of Production, Diversification of Exports and Replacement of Imports (PRODESI).

The phosphate concessions are expected to boost the country’s fertilizers industry.

In the ambit of the tender, the exploration right will be given to candidates presenting economical and technical advantage to develop working programmes that secure mining concessions output.

Entries can be introduced until November 18 of 2019 being eligible Angolan and foreign firms or joint ventures.

Source: Angola Press News Agency