Angola seeks investment in China-Africa trade forum

Luanda – Forty-three public and private sector companies will export at the fair and the first China-Africa economic and trade cooperation forum to capture investments and guarantees new opportunities and potential for market innovations, announced today the coordinator of Angola – China Chamber of Commerce, Adulai Balde.

Speaking to Angop, the official said at the fair, which takes place from November 10 to 14, will be exposed products such as banana, coffee, honey, palm oil, fishing products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wood, services, cultural goods and Touristic.

According to the official, the forum also promotes and attract public investments for the development of business and ecotourism sectors in two countries.

He emphasize that Angolan entrepreneurs have the challenge of diversifying the economy, increasing exported goods and consequently diversifying as sources of resources designed for sustained economic and social development.

We will show how new Angolan potentialities will be included in the export group in a short time, with the evolution of the Progamme for Support to Production, Export Diversification and Import Substitution (Prodesi) and, with this, to achieve the new partnership he stressed.

Source: Angola Press News Agency