Angola: Social mobilisation crucial to boost literacy

Luanda – The national director of Education of Adult Evaristo Pedro Thursday considered the social mobilisation the key condition to enhance 2018-2022 national plan for intensification of literacy and education of youth and adults.

Evaristo Pedro said so while addressing the topic on Intensification of Literacy and Education of Youth and Adults, as part of the 2nd day of the Consultative Council of Education Ministry (MED) programme, held in Catete, Icolo e Bengo Municipality.

He said that the decrease in illiteracy rate entails the involvement of all social actors, families, churches, NGOs, among others.

The official said that the strategy is meant to reach the literacy rate at least 80 percent of the Angolan population.

He also spoke of the need to speed up the reduction of illiteracy in communities due to the challenges such as diversification of the economy and local elections.

For this reason, the official defended that each province have an operational plan based on the graphical data of what it should do according to the identified areas.

“Combat illiteracy can reduce poverty, improve health, nutrition, and social reintegration,” he said.

Data show a quarter of the Angolan population aged 15-35 who can not read or write.

MED technicians are evaluating the sector and planning the next few years.

Source: Angola Press News Agency