Angola: Speaker calls for mobilisation to counter harmful effects of social media

Luanda – National Assembly Speaker Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos Monday in Luanda said it was imperative the society get mobilised and join together to prevent Social Media from becoming a destroying factor of ethical, moral, social, cultural and political values.

This was during a lecture on World Law Day, celebrated on July 10.

The event was sponsored by the group of Women Parliamentarians, in partnership with the Association of Women Lawyers.

In view of the lack of regulation, the Speaker focused on the fact that information technologies and Social Media are still novelty with complexity and non-geographical location.

Despite acknowledging many advantages, the Speaker blamed the inversion of the ethical values and moral decay on the Social Media.

Should approved in generally, he said, the National Assembly will discuss in detail the proposal of the Penal Code.

The National Assembly said that he was aware that when this legal tool is finally approved it will ensure the compliance with the purpose for which it is proposed.

He defended the need for the State to take into account that the laws ensure that the citizens find fulfilment as individuals and meet their needs.

However, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos stressed the need for the legislation to meet man’s expectation.

He regretted the many problems in Angola’s society, such as the evidence of signs of moral decay, loss of values, family break up, increased crime rate, which, according to him, some aspects have legislation and others the total absence of legislation.

In order for the laws play their role, the Parliament Speaker defended the need to unleash, in all social sectors, an education process.

The event which was attended by women from various social groups, discussed topics like the impact of the Law on women’s lives, the emergence of Law Day, the trajectory of the Law in Angola, the legislative information platform, among others.

Source: Angola Press News Agency