Angola spends USD 750 mln on El Nino Climate chance

Henrik Fredborg Larsen released the data during an interview with the state run newspaper Jornal de Angola.

Among several projects performed Henrik Larsen pointed out to the big project implemented by UNDP in the Cuvelai basin under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment along with other partners.

He said one can see how solar powered water systems and the organisation of communities into local groups for water and sanitation and disaster management are making a difference.

Speaking a week after the two Summits Climate and Sustainable Development Goals in New York US he said that an investment of USD 475 million was proposed for Angola to build resilience.

He said that the objective is to curb permanent suffering in the southern region of the country.

As some steps to mitigate the effect of the climate change in Angola Henrik Larsen mentioned the need for everyone to get involved in emissions reduction commitments and demonstrating the real action the UN Secretary General has done.

“Another step is to continue making efforts toward building resilience for the thousands affected by climate change in Angola implementing the resilience framework of course ratification of the Paris Agreement.

As for renewable energy he said that Angola has reached an impressive 50 per cent stressing that this gain owed to the gigantic increases in hydroelectric capacity.

Angola’s resilience framework is excellent and my hope is that Angola can move forward with its implementation he said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency