Angola: Supreme Court backs labour law for development

Luanda – Supreme Court has called for the creation of a labour court to ensure the protection of employees and employers for generation of wealth and economic and social development in Angola.

The appeal was launched Thursday by Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Rui Ferreira.

Rui Ferreira urged counsellors and judges for serenity, strictness and independence.

He also called for greater speed in dealing with issues related to labour jurisdiction.

The Chief Justice was addressing the opening of the First Labour Law Conference, going until Saturday under the motto “The new challenges of Labour Law and Labour Process.”

Rui Ferreira described the training of judges and administrators of justice as one of priorities of the judicial reform programme to start in the coming weeks.

He spoke of the labour courts the workers’ rights are guaranteed, under the Constitution and the Law.

Judge Teresa Buta, the presiding judge of the Supreme Court’s Labour Chamber, considered work-related issues as “always topical”.

According to her, these issues call into question companies competitiveness, family income and, above all, the dignity of people.

On the relationship between employer and employee, as a result of conflicts.

The official said that the challenges for the courts to find quick solutions, taking into account the benchmarks established by the country’s Constitution and the Law, demand permanent training.

The event is designed for judges, lawyers, public managers and university students.

Source: Angola Press News Agency