Angola: Termination of ecumenical platforms

Luanda – Angola announced that it has terminated the ecumenical platforms, in a move believed to standardise the exercise of freedom of religion, belief and worship, in the light of the country’s Constitution.

The decision is expressed in Joint Executive Decree 01/2018, by the Ministries of the Interior, Territorial Administration and State Reform, Justice and Human Rights and Culture.

The decision also scraps the Circular No. 228/15 of 25 June of Justice minister, on ecumenical platforms.

Religious denominations split or break up into Christian faith groups, but which are not in conflicts with the law and good customs, are given 30 days to address their disagreements, under Law no. 2/04, of 31 May.

The said Law is related to the exercise of freedom of conscience, worship and religion and Decree-Law no. 16-A / 95, of November 15, on the Rules of Procedure and Administrative Activity.

The ecumenical platforms was created to congregate and help in the process of recognition of the churches that had been acting outside the law, for a certain period, which has already been expired.

The document also reads that unrecognised religions with minimum requirements for their recognition, should submit to the National Institute for Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Culture instructive elements and their organisational and operational situation, presenting, among others, an installation commission within 30 days.

The recognised religious denominations are told to act within the framework of the law and morality.

The law requires refraining from making false advertising in worship, practices and acts that violate the economic, social and cultural rights of citizens.

Source: Angola Press News Agency