Angola to create digital communication agency

Luanda Angola expects to create soon a National Agency of Digital Communication (ANCD) to regulate and standardize digital communication operators, the project coordinator, Domingos SimAPound o, said at the Mass Media Consultative Council held last week.

The institution will draw up the policies and strategies (Digital Communication Plan) and government’s internet content management through the adoption of the premises in digital identity.

Presented at the 14th Consultative Council of the Media sector, the coordinator of the installation committee said that it intends to improve and develop a digital communication model based on the management of public policies and integration of e-government content.

ANCD, which is to operate under the umbrella of the Mass media Ministry, will also be tasked with supervising and coordinating the activity of the digital communication area and qualify it to enable citizens to find information more easily on the policies and services offered by the government.

To the government, the access of citizens to a more plural, rigorous, exempt and credible information, in order to improve and diversify the content of news information, is one of the main bets for the sector, until 2022.

With the creation of the ANCD and other programmes, the Mass media Ministry expects the quality of the contents to increase and the diversification of sources promoted in order to contribute to the educational, civic and cultural development of the population.

It also expects that by 2022, the index of plurality in the media reaches 75 percent and the impartiality level for these operators should reach 70 percent.

Source: Angola Press News Agency