Angola to have Governance Body for Public-Private Partnerships

Luanda The country will have a Governance Body for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), to select priority projects and have partnerships that contribute to the development of Angola, the minister of Economy and Planning, SergioSantos announced on Tuesday in Luanda.

When speaking at the opening of the International Certification course in Public-Private Partnerships of APMG International, Sergio Santos, stressed that the PPP Governing Body, which still does not work, is in Presidential Decree 316/19, which is the regulation of the Public-private partnerships, coordinated by the Ministry of Economy and Planning and participating in the Ministry of Finance.

He said that it will be on the basis of that Governing Body that the technical commissions of public private partnerships and their teams will be created, because there cannot be a PPP project in Angola without that body preparing these conditions.

According to the minister, what will happen this year is actually materializing the decree, creating the technical commission in which the ministerial departments will be able to participate and launching the first public-private partnerships based on the new Law 11/19.

Source: Angola Press News Agency