Angola works for regional, continental integration

Luanda Trade Minister Joffre Van-Dunem reiterated Thursday in Luanda the country’s engagement in honouring its commitments to integrate its economy into SADC and mainland regional markets. As evidence of this commitment, the Trade minister pointed to work being done to reduce the export and import registration (REI) bureaucracy and the ongoing implementation of the Single Window on Foreign Trade following the agreement’s approval this year on World Trade Organisation (WTO) facilitation.

Another step taken, within the framework of Angola’s commitments, was the creation of the National Trade Facilitation Committee.

In an accelerating phase, according to Joffre Van-Dunem, who was speaking at the launching ceremony of the Angola Export Diversification Study, is the regional integration of the national economy into the SADC region, the continent and the world.

As for SADC regional bloc, the minister of Commerce said the Customs offer had already been prepared, a document that, after approval by the National Assembly, will be submitted to the authorities of the Southern African Community.

Within the framework of regional integration, he said that an agreement is under negotiation with neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Zambia, DRC and others on border trade issues.

“We are paying state visits, together with the private sector, seeking to boost intra-African trade,” he said.

The single export opening window is being dealt with at the Trade Facilitation Committee level.

According to the minister, the committee is identifying the basis for the opening of the window.

To this end, the different ministerial departments for the export must have a single basis and for such it is necessary to develop a job, he admitted.

But according to the minister, the window may open in the first quarter of 2020, given its complexity.

Source: Angola Press News Agency