The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights will stimulate, in the near future, the process of recruitment of judges and court officials for the Courts of Appeal.

The decision is contained in the final communique of the meeting of the Broad Consultative Council of the sector closed on Friday, in Luanda, chaired by the incumbent Minister, Rui Mangueira.

The event expressed the need for the completion of the regulatory process of the Minors Court Law and the implementation of separate juvenile justice process of the criminal justice system for adults.

The Participants recommended speeding up the works of adequacy and start of operation of Calumbo’s Juvenile Centre (Viana) and the Centre for Observation in Zango III ward, assigned to the Minors Court.

In another area, he disclosed, the Justice Ministry decided to sensitise not yet recognised religious groups to integrate into the Ecumenical platforms and adopt the symbols of the respective platforms.

According to the document, the mechanisms of action of the provincial committee of human rights with the traditional authorities should also be aligned in order to legally ensure the free and full exercise of human rights.

However, it should be strengthened institutional capacity of these committees, providing them with technical and financial resources, and strengthen the provincial delegations in training activities on human rights.

The council also decided to speed up the process of appointing members of the Provincial Guardianship Councils to better pursue the best interests of minors, under the Act.

The meeting assessed the degree of compliance with the recommendations and conclusions resulting from the previous Council, evaluation of goals to achieve this year and the establishment of guidelines to modernise the sector of Justice and Human Rights.

Source: Nam News Network