The Mutualis Association of Workers of the Ministry of Geology and Mining (AMTGM) is an instrument that is part of Government’s strategy for the sector, in environmental – Institutional component, said Minister of Geology and Mining, Francisco Queiroz.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the members of the General Assembly, Francisco Queiroz, explained that in relation to this association, the Government strategy rests on three pillars – geological mining production, regulatory framework (Mining Code) and institutional environment.

However, it is aimed to create great challenge that will arise with the collection of geological information and application of the Mining Code.

According to the official, this requires not only a change in attitude in the capacity building area but also requires the creation of conditions that contribute to the satisfaction of material needs of employees.

In this context, he stressed, the association aims to be a tool that will mitigate the difficulties that workers can have.

It is a Non-profit association and for cooperative features – business, the association is able to generate its own resources in order to cover its expenses.

Source: Nam News Network