Angolan Ambassador Fatima Jardim defends programs for women

The ambassador Fatima Jardim presented this proposal during her speech at the 43rd Session of the IFAD Council of Governors, which takes place at FAO headquarters in Rome from 11 to 12 February under the motto Investing in sustainable food systems to end hunger until 2030.

The diplomat, who heads the country’s delegation in this forum, said that we must create programs for women from production, transportation, markets, but also education, empowerment and the integration of new approaches, practices and technologies to ensure the sustainable agricultural development.

Women and youth must be priorities because of the indisputable role in development and its challenges, she noted.

The official said, on the other hand, that credit facilities and other services such as housing are linked to human development and issues such as sustainability and preservation of biodiversity.

On her opinion, food systems need solutions that are accompanied by actions and perspectives to achieve the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals.

Meanwhile, in Angola, where two thirds of the population is engaged in agriculture, mostly women, IFAD loans support efforts to improve food security and rebuild the livelihoods of poor rural people through rural and agricultural development.

Source: Angola Press News Agency