Luanda – The State’s General Budget proposal for next year (OGE 2021), approved last Tuesday by the National Assembly in general terms, promotes favourable conditions for the creation of employment, said the minister of Economy and Planning (MEP), Sérgio dos Santos.

The government official, who intervened after the approval of the document, said that the diagnosis on unemployment points out that of the approximately 15.3 million citizens of the economically active population, 34% (5.2 million) are unemployed.

He added that 55.6% of working citizens are in the agricultural sector, hence the need to invest more in this activity, to avoid loss of jobs.

According to the minister, the industrial sector, which should employ more, occupies only 3% of the employability rate.

The minister points to the five consecutive years of contraction of the national economy as the main cause of unemployment, which is why he called for the mobilization of all in resolving of the unemployment situation in the country.

On his turn, the minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, António Francisco de Assis, stated that the agricultural sector is recovering and it still remains one of the Executive’s priorities.

Regarding the budget allocation of the sector, he said, although little, it is what is possible.

“Let us not limit ourselves to the assumption of 6% growth, but take into account that Agriculture is an activity that is influenced by other sectors, such as the case of construction of roads, schools, among other infrastructures close to agricultural areas”, he reinforced.

The draft OGE 2021 was approved, in its general terms, with 127 votes in favour 45 against and 1 abstention

The text, which must be definitively approved by December, foresees expenses and revenues valued at 14.7 billion Kwanzas, based on the reference price of a barrel of oil of 39 US dollars.

In this OGE 2021 the budgetary allocation for the social sector is of 39.5%.

Source: Angola Press News Agency