Foreign Minister Georges Chikoti is in Rome at the head of an Angolan delegation attending the inaugural Italy-Africa Ministerial Conference taking place on Wednesda.

Chikoti was welcomed on arrival in the Italian capital Tuesday by the Angolan ambassadors to Italy, Florencio de Almeida, and to the Holy See, Armindo do Espirito Santo.

The meeting has brought together about 0 delegations from Africa, as well as the permanent representatives of African nations to United Nations and officials from 15 international organizations of the UN and its Regional Systems.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella will open the conference. The participants will focus on issues such as Italy-Africa economic sustainability, challenges for growth, social and environmental sustainability and the environment and social development.

A new integrated approach and the sustainability of migration as well issues related to peace and security, peace-keeping operations and peace-building initiatives are also part of the agenda.

Chikoti will address a panel discussion on economic sustainability.

Angola shares a special relationship with Italy, which was the first West European country to recognize the independence of Angola on Feb 18, 1976, three months after its proclamation on Nov 11, 1975.

Source: Nam News Network