LUANDA– The new salary scale for the civil service comes into force in January 2019, an executive measure aimed at ending wage inequalities in public services and promoting balance.

According to the minister of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security Jesus Maiato, the adjustments were not proportional, but will allow the recovery of lost purchasing power, due to the accumulated inflation of the last three years, which stood at 116 percent.

Speaking at the tenth session of the Council of Ministers, Jesus Maiato said that with this exercise, it is clearly indicated that, whenever the General State Budget (OGE) is available, the Government will adjust the income capacity of public officials.

He also said that in relation to the minimum salary of the civil service, obtained by the second-class cleaner (the lowest category in the career structure of the general regime), the salary will increase from AKz 21.000 to AKz 33.000, representing an increase of 57 percent.

As for the positions of management and leadership, the head of section (lower management function), with a current salary of AKz 179.000, will earn 250.000.

The national director (highest position in the civil service) will go from a salary of AKz 340.000 to 394.000 kwanzas.

For the full time professor, who is the highest category within the civil service, the salary will go from AKz 405.000 to 444.000 kwanzas.

The minister warned that the sectors of education, health and higher education, employment and vocational training should make new registration of staff due to the transition from current to new careers, which provide for new salaries.