Angolan judge defends search for social peace

Algiers – The search for social peace should be a concern of public authorities of all African countries, defended Monday in Algiers the chairperson of the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions on Africa (CJCA), Angolan Manuel Miguel da Costa AragAPound o.

The presiding judge of the Angolan Constitutional Court defended the stance, while addressing at a Round Table on the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Constitutional Council of Algeria.

The Angolan judge also spoke of the need for good relation between individual and collective people and public authorities so as to security peace in the society.

In the specific case of Angola, added Manuel AragAPound o, the quest for the pacification of social relations is needed due to the fact that the country has experienced a long period of armed conflict.

Manuel AragAPound o underscored that the African constitutional courts can contribute to pacify the public space and establish a lasting social peace environment.

According to Manuel AragAPound o, the Conference of African Constitutional Jurisdictions will have an important role to play in bringing the Courts and Constitutional Councils together.

Source: Angola Press News Agency