Angolan President’s visit to China strengthens ties – diplomat

Luanda – Angolan ambassador to China JoAPound o Salvador dos Santos Neto stressed Monday the country’s cooperation with the Asian nation, noting that the visit of the president JoAPound o Lourenco symbolises the interest in strengthening ties between both countries.

The Angolan statesman arrived Monday in Beijing for a two-day state visit (09 and 10 October) to China, the world’s second largest economy (after the US).

Angola is expected to sign four new cooperation instruments with China.

JoAPound o Lourenco is the first African leader to visit China after the 3rd Sino-Africa Cooperation Forum.

The Angolan government delegation is expected to sign three Cooperation Agreements and a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese authorities.

The agreements those on Avoiding Double Taxation, Economic and Technical Cooperation between the two Countries, Credit Line between the China Development Bank and the Ministry of Finance, as well as a Memorandum of Understanding on Human Resources.

Speaking to the press on possible gains of the JoAPound o Lourenco’s first, the ambassador said these instruments will help strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries that enjoy diplomatic relations since 1983.

China has become the main foreign funding country of infrastructure in Angola over the last 16 years.

The Asian giant has become the third largest trading partner in Africa.

The credit line to support projects in Angola, underway since 2002, stands at USD 23 billion, according to the Angolan authorities.

Salvador dos Santos Neto praised the current political and legislative framework in Angola, stressing that the current environment is favourable for foreign investors, in particular the China.

The environment also enables the coming of the new partners to the Angolan soil, he said.

The diplomat admitted existing several requests for Chinese investment in Angola, as result of the work left by the Angolan delegation that attended China-Africa Cooperation Forum in September.

“We have felt, even at the level of the Embassy, ??the interest of many Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Angola. This is one of the President’s objectives.” he said.

Another key aspect of the President’s visit to China is the possibility of Angola to know and take advantage of the technological potential of the Asian country, mainly the technical capacity of the telecommunications Huawei.

Likewise, he believes that the visit of JoAPound o Lourenco to Tianjin city will help Angola in term of modernisation of a country.

The visit to China happens at time the country is seeking to revive its economy due to drop in oil prices in international market.

Source: Angola Press News Agency