Angolan workers thwart planned demonstration

Services in the State Administration and private institutions run smoothly, from the early hours of the day, across the country.

Along the main streets and avenues, road traffic and pedestrian movements ran smoothly, with public and private transport services fully operational.

In the country’s capital, Luanda, the busiest city in the country, the situation was the same as usual, featured by traffic jams and people flocking to the taxi and public transport points.

Despite calls to remain indoors in view of protest against the Angolan government’s measures by public figures, workers, students, traders, taxi drivers and professionals from other sectors went out fearless to the workplace.

The demonstration was called by a group of public figures, including musicians, to protest against alleged rising unemployment and the cost of living in Angola.

The problems stemmed from the economic and financial crisis that began in the country in 2014 due to the fall in oil prices.

In order to tackle this difficult scenario, the new Government, led by President JoAPound o Lourenco, has been implementing economic measures aimed, among others, at diversifying the economy.

As part of his agenda, the Head of State has been promoting policies to increase the tax base, fight corruption, improve the business environment and boost employment.

The Executive has launched measures to end monopolies and oligopolies by redefining the activity of underperforming companies through privatization.

Source: Angola Press News Agency