The spokesperson of the provincial command of the National Police, chief inspector Mateus Rodrigues, urged Friday the Chinese community in Angola to avoid saving money at home or in institutions, because this practice has been attracting criminals.

Speaking to journalists at the end of a meeting between officials of the provincial command of the National Police, the Chinese Embassy in Angola and Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Angola, the police official warned that this is a risky practice.

The official stressed that this attitude has lured criminals and increased attacks against members of Chinese community in Angola.

However, he said that in comparison to the last term there was a reduction of violent crimes involving Chinese citizens in relation to those recorded last year.

As for violent crimes recorded in the community, which resulted in the deaths of four Chinese, the spokesman of the National Police said they are already clarified.

He also explained that for the moment the situation is stable and there has been in recent time’s cases of violence against the Chinese community.

In his turn, the Chinese Embassy Counselor in Angola, Zhang Zhengxi, praised the efforts of the Angolan Government and the National Police, by the way they have worked to fight crime.

The diplomat expressed their willingness to cooperate with the National Police in order to combat crime in Angola, taking into account the long years of existing relations between the two countries.

Source: Nam News Network