Namibia’s Ministry of Home Affairs (Interior) and Immigration is facing a problem of Angolan and Zambian nationals crossing into Namibia to benefit from social grants given by the government of this country.

“The two Kavango regions (provinces), Zambezi and Ohangwena, are the most affected in terms of people crossing over, as this is where we share borders with other countries,” says the Spokesperson of the Ministry, Salome Kambala.

Kambala, who was in the region last week at the invitation of the governors of the Kavango East and West regions to provide information on immigration issues to residents, told told Nampa that although the regions had border posts at border crossing points, many people, the majority of them Angolan nationals, were not using the demarcated crossing points.

Some people enter the Kavango and Zambezi regions using canoes to avoid having to present national documentation when coming into Namibia.

“Namibia is a very peaceful country and it is one of three countries in Africa that gives social grants to the elderly and other welfare grants,” Kambala said.

The other two African countries providing social grants to the elderly are South Africa and Botswana.

Apart from pension grants, Namibia also provides grants to people with disabilities and orphans and vulnerable children.

This has attracted people from especially Angola and Zambia to cross into Namibia to benefit from these programmes, said Kambala.

“This is really a challenge that the ministry is facing. Our regional office in Rundu is swamped with hundreds and hundreds of people on a daily basis, and queues remain long,” she stressed.

Source: Nam News Network