Archaeological Museum repair works set to begin

Benguela – The restoration work of the National Archaeological Museum, in the centre-west Benguela Province is to begin in the first quarter of the year, the secretary of State for Culture, Aguinaldo CristovAPound o, has announced.

The secretary of State gave such information in the end of a few-hour visit to the province, where he visited already some classified buildings and religious monuments.

Aguinaldo CristovAPound o, who did not mention the duration or budget of the work, explained that the museum will resume this year its scientific production and develop a work that may be closer to its visitors, through the dissemination of archaeological collections.

“A strategy has been defined so that from this first quarter onwards we can begin to develop some tasks aimed at the recovery of the Archaeology Museum,” said the secretary ofSstate.

According to the official, the restoration of the museum is one of the priorities of the sector and the works will be gradual, because they require several specialties and because it has a vast area which has already been planned, so that visitors can be presented with a more renovated structure.

The National Archaeological Museum, located along Morena beach in the city of Benguela, in the recent past had a collection of 9,150 artefacts, many of which were stolen over the years.

During his stay in the province, the secretary of State also visited the Nossa Senhora do Populo Church and learned about projects to recover this infrastructure of the Catholic Church.

This is a century-old church with its own characteristics and very specific restoration needs, so the various projects that are being developed for the recovery and restoration of its assets were reviewed, said the official referring to it as a cultural heritage.

Aguinaldo CristovAPound o also visited the Zaire Ship in the city of Lobito, the Submarine Cable Project, the facilities of the Benguela Railway, the local sugar production plant, the SAPound o Pedro stronghold in Catumbela, and the ethnographic museum in Lobito, as well as the National Radio of Angola, in Benguela, and the Sea Cathedral Parish.

Source: Angola Press News Agency