Archbishop reinforces appeal for investment

Huambo The Huambo Archbishop, Zeferino Zeca Martins, reinforced last Wednesday the appeal to national entrepreneurs to invest in the country, to contribute to economic recovery, national development promotion and, as result, improvement of the citizens? living condition. The Catholic prelate, speaking at the new year’s Catholic mass held at the parish of Nossa Senhora Imaculada da ConceicAPound o (see cathedral), defended the need of Angolan businesspersons to increasingly see the needs and current challenges faced by the country.

In his understanding, it’s fundamental for the entrepreneurial sector to assume its role of boosting the economy, through implementation of projects that can provide a positive leverage for the country’s macro-economic and financial situation.

Roads repairs, the construction of medicines-making factories; products transformation and conservation, production of goods and means that can significantly contribute to imports reduction and promotion of exports, aiming to boost the process of diversification of the national economy, should be the main focus of entrepreneurs in Angola, emphasized the prelate.

”Do not abdicate your responsibility and search, through state partnership, to help the government take the country out of this less good period, to re-establish the horizons of development and ensure the improvement of citizens’ social conditions”, he stressed.

During the service, the priest urged the citizens in general to really renew themselves in this New Year and, above all, to commit themselves to contributing to the growth of society through the practice of solidarity, fraternity, the culture of caring for public asset, transparency and accountability for the development of all.

The central Huambo Province has a territorial extension of 35,771 square kilometres and 2.5 million inhabitants, distributed in eleven municipalities.

Source: Angola Press News Agency