Arrest of prominent figures increases trust in Angolan justice- sociologist

Luanda – The arrests of prominent figures accused of several crimes that have been undertaken by the Angolan justice will contribute to increase trust in the country’s justice and institutions, said on Wednesday in Luanda, the sociologist, Paulo de Carvalho.

Speaking in an interview to Angop, the Angolan sociologist underlined that the correct action conducted by the judicial authorities will also contribute to moralization of society.

He stressed that although the referred lawsuits were already in progress, many people did not believe that the announcement of greater equality before the law, made by President JoAPound o Lourenco, would happen.

“We are seeing that, yes, justice has begun to function properly, in combating the evils that are embedded in the Angolan society,” said the sociologist, adding that the justice should be left to work without harm or benefit anyone.

In the meantime, he underscored that he believed that the Angolan population was always prepared to deal with a fair justice and that those who were not ready for that are the top figures, especially the political and the military, who used to benefit from impunity.

In the last days several high- profile figures in the country were detained, including former Transport Minister Augusto da Silva Tomas, former President of the Sovereign Fund of Angola, Jose Filomeno dos Santos, and the former director of the Private Investment (UTIP), Norberto Garcia.

Source: Angola Press News Agency