Art works displayed in Luanda to celebrate National Hero Day

Luanda – Academic and literary books, works of plastic arts, handicrafts, gastronomy and African clothing are on display from Friday until Sunday at the Independence Park in Luanda to greet Sept. 17, National Hero’s Day.

In the sample called “Festineto”, sponsored by the Antonio Agostinho Neto Foundation (FAAN) and in which more than 50 exhibitors take part, both national and foreign, there will also be the performance of folkloric musicians and groups, book launching and the National Prize of Agostinho Neto Research.

Maria Eugenia Neto, Chairwoman of FAAN and widow of the first President of Angola, Antonio Agostinho Neto, said that her institution is increasingly redoubling educational, cultural, scientific, sports and cultural activities of social action.

In his turn, the chairperson of the Organization of Pioneers of Agostinho Neto (OPA), recalls that the founder of the Angolan nation was a leader and friend of the children, hence his institution will continue to tread for his teachings of love to the motherland.

Agostinho Neto was born on September 17, 1922, in the village of Caxicane, municipality of Icolo and Bengo, and died on September 10, 1979 in Moscow, then Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Source: Angola Press News Agency