Basketball: 2019/20 basketball season starts Friday

Scheduled to start at 7.00 pm, the match is awaited with some expectation and happens at an odd moment of these squads, since Petro de Luanda will be involved in the African champions league competition and 1 de Agosto although holding the continental title did not secure the presence in the continental competition.

This particularity can be motivating for both in the fight for the first trophy of the season, taking into consideration the signings and positions taken by the parties, especially 1 de Agosto who, after the confirmed absence in the African competition, defined as a main goals to conquer all internal main trophies, namely Super Cup, Angola League Cup and National Championship.

The game will face off two competitively equal opponents, with some favouritism for Petro whose squad has been reinforced with the acquisitions of the posts Valdelicio Joaquim and Jone Pedro .

Led by Lazare Adingono, the last season performance from Petro de Luanda reinforces the prognosis, in a time that the team appear more rejuvenated than the opponents and are quite capable of winning their 7th Wlademiro Romero Super Cup, which they last won in the 2014/15 season.

With no major signings for this season, 1 de Agosto, who are vying for the 14th Super Cup trophy, have signed the North American Jamar Samuels and Makabi Kiryat from Israel, who will not play on Friday, and the centre Teotonio Do, former ASA.

From Petro de Luanda’s side is registered the absence of the power forward Olimpio Cipriano, who is out of the country due to family issues.

Available Players:

Petro de Luanda: Childe DundAPound o, Joaquim Pedro, Divaldo Mbunga, Jose Antonio, Carlos Morais, Leonel Paulo, Benvindo Quimbamba, Abubakar Gakou, Jone Pedro and Valdelicio Joaquim.

1 de Agosto: Pedro Bastos, Carlos Cabral, Hermenegildo Santos, Malick Cisse, Edson Ndoniema, Armando Costa, Felizardo Ambrosio, Muto Fonseca, Eduardo Mingas, Milton Valente, Tarcio Domingos, Teotonio Do and Islando Manuel.

A competition that started in 1994, with the victory of Petro de Luanda, the Super Cup is currently dominated by 1� de Agosto with 13 trophies (5 consecutive ones), would be called Wlademiro Romero in 2006. Petro de Luanda have 6 trophies, ASA 3, Libolo also 3 and Interclube only 1.

Source: Angola Press News Agency