Luanda – The senior male national team of basketball lost last Saturday to Kenya by 74-73 in the second and last window of the qualifying tournament to Afrobasket 2021 that is taking place in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

This second round match was decided in the last second by a Taylor Ongwae throw over the final whistle ensuring the victory of the Kenyan by one point of difference after losing in the break.

The throw was so dubious that the referees were forced to use the television footage to make sure the launch was made before the match was over.

Alexandre Jungo with 19 points was the top scorer of the match followed by the Kenyan Taylor Ongwae with 16 points.

However, in the first window the Angolan team beat Kenya by 83-66.

In addition to the defeat, Angola with eight points ranked second in group B which already qualified with fewer points than the leaders Senegal ahead of Kenya with seven points and Mozambique with five.

However, the national team close their participation in the race this Sunday facing Senegal at 20h00 but with no chances to get the first place of the group B, while Kenya face Mozambique.

The Afrobasket2021 will take place from 25 August to 5 September in Kigali (Rwanda). The first three team of each group have already qualified.

Results of group B

Angola – Kenya (74-73)

Mozambique – Senegal (43-84)


1st Senegal (10 points) qualified.

2nd Angola (08) qualified.

3rd Kenya (07) qualified.

4th Mozambique (05) qualified.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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