Basketball / World Cup2019: Leonel Paulo sent off

Foshan – Angolan forward, Leonel Paulo was kicked out of the match against Italy today in Foshan for attempting to attack an opponent in the second round of group D of the 2019 World Cup in China.

The incident occurred 16 seconds from the end of the match, when the score was already marking the heavy defeat (61-92), and forced a stop of almost two minutes for the referee team to observe images at the table.

However, the athlete may face some sanction, depending on the interpretation to be made in the report of the referee team, consisting of the North American Anderson Steven, Lithuanian Kozlovskis Martins and Mikheyev Yevgeniy of Kazakhstan.

In 21 minutes on the field, Leonel converted 12 points, captured three rebounds and made two assists, once again being the second best in the group, behind Yanick (15).

The Petro de Luanda athlete, 33-year old (1.98 meter tall), has been one of the Angolan team’s few positive units after 10 points in 22 minutes in the previous match.

Angola take second defeat and take third place in Group D, with two points, the same as their Wednesday opponents Philippines, who also lost this Monday, 67-126 to Serbia

Source: Angola Press News Agency