BCG vaccine prevents severe forms of tuberculosis

Luanda – The BCG vaccine should be administered soon after birth to 11 months and 29 days of age to help prevent the different serious forms of tuberculosis, said Friday in Luanda, the Coordinator of the Extension Program of Vaccination (PAV) Felismina Neto.

PAV official who was speaking during a roundtable called “The magnitude of Tuberculosis in Angola,” reiterated that one of the most effective forms of prevention of the disease is vaccination, and is available free of charge at health facilities, including maternity hospitals.

The vaccines are administered soon after birth.

The health official emphasized that the vaccine does not offer 100 percent efficacy against tuberculosis, and it is possible that the disease will occur even in vaccinated individuals.

The coverage in the country is above what is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) above 95 percent, well representative.

The vaccine, which is administered intradermal after reconstitution, should be used within a maximum of six hours.

Source: Angola Press News Agency