Belgium supports Congo River basin preservation

Mbanza Kongo The ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Angola, Jozef Smets, said Friday in Mbanza Kongo (Zaire) that his country will continue to motivate international partners to preserve forests and biodiversity hydrographic basin of Congo river.

Speaking at a meeting with members of local government as part of his three-day working visit to the region, the diplomat stated that Belgium is currently facilitating this regional partnership which includes several countries in this African region, universities, research centers and companies.

This is the first trip outside Luanda by the new ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium since he began his diplomatic mission in the country about two months ago.

It is said that the Congo Basin is the second largest river basin in the world, after the Amazon River Basin.

It holds the richest biodiversity rainforests in the world, with over 10,000 plant species (including 3,000 endemic).

Source: Angola Press News Agency