Benguela is locomotive for country’s development- governor

Benguela – The governor of the centre-west Benguela Province, Rui FalcAPound o, on Wednesday said the region is a locomotive, which will lead the development of the country taking into account its countless investment opportunities.

The governor, who was speaking in the opening of the third Fair of Municipalities and Cities of Angola (FMCA), underscored the province’s strategic geographic location (coast) and human potential as motor of Angola’s development.

However, the official underlined the need of the province to readjust itself to the current circumstances, so the region claims the right to lead the country towards its development.

FMCA is an annually held event aimed at promoting the economic and social development of the country’s cities and municipalities, their main cultural aspects and creates spaces for permanent dialogues and debates with local and central administrations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency