Benguela province to have new trains

Lobito The rail passengers movement between Benguela and Lobito might increase for more than 400,000 monthly compared to the current 80,000 with the starting in June this year of two new composed rail trains on this 30-kilometer intercity route.

The information was advanced last Wednesday to press in Lobito municipality by the General Director of the National Railways Institute of Angola (INCFA), Ottoniel Manuel, in the end of the verification visit of the State Secretary for Transport, Guido Valdemar CristovAPound o.

It is related to Multiple Diesel Units (DMU), rail vehicles that can transport up to 700 passengers per day a capacity that according to Ottoniel Manuel answers the increased demand for trains on the railway linking the cities of Benguela and Lobito

The official believes that with the arrival of both automotive compositions (DMU) planned for June, the Benguela Railways company (CFB) might quintuple passenger traffic on that route. In other words, an increase of 456,000 people transported monthly.

Source: Angola Press News Agency