Cuito – The Bié provincial government has reiterated its willingness to support all young people, regardless of their political party colour, belief or social condition, through internal policies in the framework of the 2018-2022 National Development Plan.

According to the deputy governor for the Political, Social and Economic area of Bié, António Manuel, who was speaking on Monday at the opening of the April/Youth day, held in the city of Cuito, the local government has been designing and implementing effective policies and measures aimed at creating a space for open and fraternal dialogue with this group.

The leader appealed to the youth to adopt an assertive posture, accepting the difference of thought, respecting the political and religious beliefs, promoting understanding, union and brotherhood, giving up conducts and actions that in no way benefit the social well being and condition the development of the province.

For António Manuel, the youth should join the efforts of the Angolan Government in the maintenance and consolidation of the peace, achieved at the cost of enormous sacrifice on 4 April 2002.



Source: Angola Press News Agency


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