Bie: Senior police officer defends crackdown on illegal immigration

Cuito – Interior Ministry delegate in central Bie province has recommended greater discipline and spirit of mission in combat the illegal immigration in the country.

Antonio Vicente Gimbe was speaking during a parade for control of staff, as part of the “Transparency” operation, launched in some provinces of the country.

The operation covers the provinces of Bie, Malanje, Lunda Sul, Lunda Norte, Uige, Cundo Cubango and Cuanza Sul, and is meant to restore order, control of illegal immigration and combat illegal trafficking in diamonds.

Still on Wednesday, the delegate called for even greater mobilisation and availability of police officers in compliance with the orders with dignity, in view of the negative impact of illegal immigration on the country’s economy and development.

He said that the immigration in Angola must be done in an organised and legal manner, especially for the foreign citizens who want to contribute to the development of the country in different sectors.

In order to ensure success in combat of this phenomenon, the delegate spoke of the need to denouncing the citizens who illegally enter or stay into Angolan territory.

He recalled that in the light of the country’s Constitution, aid to illegal immigration is a crime, adding that families should abstain from this practice.

In central Bie province, diamond mining is practiced in the municipalities of Chitembo, Cuemba, Camacupa, Andulo and NhArea.

Source: Angola Press News Agency